Punyah Yoga Reviews

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that i studied in India with Hemant Ji and I was blown away by the skills of his teaching. He is incredible, I think any student who has the opportunity to study with Hemant Ji is so lucky. I just wanted to give a little shout out to him and to encourage you all if you are in rishikesh. It will change your yoga practice whether you are a student or a teacher. It will change so much for you.

Lily Grace, California, USA

Totally Hooray!
I did a 100-hour TTC, and loved the experience. The teachers have deep knowledge and were generous to share it with me. I really enjoyed the quality of the course, it improved my understanding of yoga and inspired me to go deeper in my practice. I’d be happy to go there again both for the TTC and for asana practice as well!

Я прошла 100-часовой курс для преподавателей в Punyah Yoga и осталась очень довольна своим опытом. Преподаватели обладают глубоким опытом и знаниями, и что самое главное, доступно доносят информацию на практике. Благодаря этому курсу я углубила свои знания и нашла новые грани работы со своей практикой. Буду рада вернуться, чтобы продолжить обучение в этой школе.

Raushan Abylkassymova, Kazakhstan

Most recommended!
Hemant is an amazing teacher, I had the pleasure of learning from him back in Vidya Yoga. Anyone learning from Hemant can be sure that they will gain a lot of knowledge. Most recommended!

הימן מורה מדהים, מומחה גם בתחום הפיזי וגם המנטלי של יוגה. מלמד בצורה יסודית ומובנת, פטדנט במובן המקצועי והטוב ביותר. ממליץ בחום על פוניה יוגה, על הימן בפרט.

Aziz Azmanov, Israel

Amazing place to practice Ashtanga! Beautiful brand-new space, with a Himalayas view terrace in front of the shala and first of all - super kind people! Fully recommended!

Wspaniałe miejsce aby praktykować Ashtangę!
Wspaniałe miejsce aby praktykować Ashtangę! Przepiękna, nowa przestrzeń, widok na Himalaje z tarasu przed salą no i przede wszystkim: wspaniali ludzie i świetni nauczyciele😍 Zdecydowanie polecam!

Kasia Sikorska, Poland

Really enjoyed it! Thank you!
We really enjoyed the Ashtanga Yoga teacher training at Punyah Yoga. Hemant was not a teacher to let us know what we want to hear – he would challenge us and made sure we did everything properly and learnt everything we should. It was pretty challenging but a great learning experience. Hemant and the rest of the faculty and staff are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The accommodation is better than expected and the food was lovingly prepared!

Piotr Czerepaniak, Poland

Highly Recommended!
This is definitely the place to go if you are thinking of getting certified in India. Punyah yoga teaches you a lot – way beyond what other ashrams in the area can offer. As the class sizes are small, the classes are intimate, comfortable and very conducive for learning. The teachers are thorough and strict, but are open to discussion and are friendly. They are approachable and I don’t need to queue to get to speak to them! Highly recommended! Can’t wait to do another course!!

Lucia Kasasova, Australia

Very glad I chose Punyah Yoga!
So happy to see how much I’ve improved in a month! The course, staff and classmates have boosted my confidence in my practice – giving me renewed enthusiasm for teaching and practicing yoga. Definitely got more than what I’ve bargained for and I am so happy I chose Punyah Yoga amongst all the ashrams and schools in Rishikesh.

Mania Maragkoudakis, Greece

Punyah Yoga is a great place for a yoga retreat in Rishikesh! The facilities and the staff are excellent. The rooms are clean and comfortable, there was hot running water, Wi-Fi was good and the teachers are proficient on their subjects.100% recommended.

Mavy Andres, Philippines