Style Guide

All graphical assets in this template are licensed for personal and commercial use.

All icons, icon fonts and graphics were manually designed by Mentaverde. You may download these and edit them to fit your website.

Below are the Style Guide details that you can use as a reference for any textual, graphic or image changes that you would like to make in the future.


All images used are licensed for free personal and commercial use.

Shape & size(pixels)

Testimonials  - Round (802*802 approx)
Blogs - Post Featured Image( 1828*906 approx)
Blogs - Post Small Featured Image (888*500 approx)
Instructor - Profile Picture (240*240 Exact)
Instructor - Full Image (768*784 Exact)

Font & Typography (Headings & Subheadings)

Font - Manrope
Typography - Aa Bb Cc (First initial of every word is to be kept in capitals to give it a clean and sophisticated look.)
Color - #0b252e (with White Background)
Weight - 800 Extra Bold
Size - 1.5 EM

Font & Typography (Paragraph)

Font - Manrope
Color - #55656a (with White Background)
Weight - 400 Normal
Size - 14px height - 28px