Rishikesh, India
from December 1-7, 2022

50-Hours 7Days Yoga Training Course

If your soul is calling out for self-care and self-healing, this restorative and transformative week-long residential yoga course is for you. Meditation, yoga nidra, and daily asana practice balanced with a nourishing yogic diet will renew your sense of balance and wholeness.


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Let's Understand What is 50-Hours 7 Days Yoga Training Course

A seven days yoga training at Punyah Yoga in Rishikesh, India allows students to commence their yoga journey through asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga philosophy, yoga nidra, and meditation. This course is Yoga Alliance accredited as a 50-hour YACEP continuing education program.

The total contact hours for this course are 45-hours, in which students get an introduction to the path of yoga and gives them a strong foundation on every aforementioned subject. 

This 7 day yoga course is adaptable for beginners and intermediate level yoga practioners. The 7 day yoga course emphasizes the foundations of yoga, rooted in the authentic heritage and history of yoga, as taught in Indian culture.

The 7 day yoga training course includes an opening fire ceremony, called a puja, led a by a Hindu priest with the program teachers.

If you have a body, you can do yoga and do a yoga retreat! There are no prerequisites to join us for a yoga retreat. All are welcome.

Punyah Yoga is an industry-leading international yoga teacher training school and yoga retreat center located in the heart of Rishikesh, India— the yoga capital of the world. Punyah Yoga’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the body, mind, and ancient teachings of yoga history and philosophy.

During your yoga retreat, you will embark upon an insightful journey of restoration and self-reflection. As our teachings are rooted in the most ancient and authentic teachings of yoga, each aspect of your retreat has been crafted with you, your healing, and your wellness in mind. Our program is deeply intentional as we honor yogic philosophy, traditions, and methods. With a deeper awareness and understanding of the body, one can come into alignment with mind, body, spirit and one's life purpose.


Complete Care

During your retreat, you will come to feel held. In a safe space, and tranquil environment, you will feel completely cared for. Take all the time you need to reflect and re-center. 


Health and Vitality

With your complete health and wellbeing in mind, we offer guests the true spirit and grace of traditional healing with with a vision to restore health and vitality into your life.


Beyond Asanas

We know that this ancient and authentic path of yoga is profoundly meaningful and we strive to make it as accessible as possible to you through your retreat. You will receive instruction in yoga nidra, pranayama, and meditation to further provide you space to relax, restore, and heal.


Deeper Connection 

Yoga is a highly personal practice, and your own connection to yoga is irrevocably important. We will guide you through your own transformative experience that will height the mind, body, and spirit connection.

What Punyah offers you:

Inclusive & Empowering

All students, of all ages, abilities, and walks of life are welcome at Punyah Yoga. Everyone is welcome. And we mean everyone!

Authentic Teachings

We believe that true understanding comes with time and practice. That is why one of the goals of our mission is to share those experiences drawn from personal discoveries, individual explorations and self-observations.

Lasting Impact

While you may only be studying with us in India for few weeks, you will always be a part of the Punyah Yoga Family. Our courses and trainings leave a mark that will last for years to come.

What’s Included?

  • Accommodation in the Punyah Residency (private and shared rooms available dependant on fee and availability)
  • 2 meals per day at the Punyah Cafe
  • Snacks and tea
  • Uniform (2 t-shirts and 2 trousers)
  • Cleansing tools: A rubber thread and a neti pot
  • Syllabus materials: Yoga books, notenook, yoga chart, and pen

This particular course does not have any tests or examination. However, students will learn and further build their teaching skills and methods from day on through day seven in the yoga workshop classes. 

Only upon 100% attendance and successful completion of this program, will students become eligible to receive a Punyah Yoga 7 days (equivalent to 50 hours) yoga training certification. This is a YACEP certified program through Yoga Alliance.

Kindly note:
the certification does not allow students to register in the yoga alliance. To be able to register, one must complete 200 hours of yoga training. If you are already a yoga teacher, you are able to register these hours as continuing education hours (YACEP) hours.

Meals: In all Punyah Yoga Teacher courses, including this course, we offer two sattvic meals per dayas mentioned in the schedule. We serve tea two times per day. There is also a daily snack which consists of fresh, local fruits. We are happy to accomodate all dietary restrictions. If you are gluten free, vegan, or have any allergies our chef is able to prepare meals specifically catered to your needs at no additional costs. As much of our food as possible is sourced from our organic gardens.

If you have any further questions about the accommodations, please learn more about the Punyah Residency by visiting our website. We do have private rooms and shared rooms available. Please inquire directly for more details. We are especially happy to respond quickly to any inquiries via whatsapp. Our phone number is listed at the bottom of this page.

Are you wondering if a 7-days 50 hour yoga training course is right for you?
Whether you are brand-new to the path of yoga, or if you have been practicing for quite some time, we feel confident that this course will have powerful takeaways for you. At Punyah Yoga, we believe that individual attention as well as attention to your specific needs is the key to you progressing on the path. We strive to make sure that every student feels taken care of, and blossoms on the path of yoga when they study with us. No matter in what capacity. Every student becomes a part of the Punyah Yoga family. The 7-day 50 hour yoga training course does not magically transform you into a yoga teacher. However, it does lay the groundwork for you to have a solid foundation on the yogic path. Learning in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, with our devoted and dedicated teachers is sure to be a transformational experience.

If you have any questions— we are at your service.

Welcome to the Punyah Residency

Punyah Yoga retreats are fully residential — held at the Punyah Yoga Residency. Built in 2020 in Rishikesh, yoga retreat guests are provided with the most comfortable accommodation possible. Home-cooked ayurvedic and yogic meals are also provided during your entire stay.

Yoga Retreat Instructors

Get to know our certified yoga instructors and guides.

Sandeep Kumar

Founder, Pranayama & Meditation Instructor (E-RYT200)

Hatha Yoga and Pranayama Teacher with more than 10 years experience. Sandeep upholds that the art of breathing is the art of life. He strives to teach students to honor this connection in all ways of being.

Pratap Rawat

senior Yoga Teacher

An experienced and dedicated practitioner of yoga for many years in Rishikesh. Pratap’s classes are energetic and informative, geared towards helping beginners build a strong foundation of yoga.

Swami Atmananda


Swami Atma Jnanananda Giri, doctor en homeopatía, estudió las técnicas de meditación en los Himalayas con el gran maestro Swami Veda Bharati, completó su formación en yoga y realizó un curso vedanta en el ashram Sivananda.

Benu Ji

Yoga Philosophy

A veritable expert in yoga philosophy. As a kind and humble soul, Benu Ji is eager to share his wisdom, insight, and experiences on the path of yoga with the students at Punyah Yoga.

50Hours 7Days Yoga Yoga Curriculum

Asana Practice

Yoga asana classes, in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa are held daily. We create a comfortable space to encourage growth and expansion for practitioners of all levels.

Pranayama & Breathing

Align your body, mind, and spirit through the powerful practice of Pranayama. Learn ancient techniques that will help you tap into the source of your very being.

Vedanta & Philosophy

The history of yoga and all the philosophies that surround yoga are integral to our teachings.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Meditation and yoga nidra classes will help you be guided to a state of deepened awarness, of conscious connection, of pure bliss.


Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, you have a lot of questions about your yoga retreat at Punyah Yoga! We are here to help you in any way, shape, or form. Please review the FAQs about yoga, yoga in india, what to expect from a yoga retreat in Rishikesh, and more! If you have further questions, please reach out and get in touch with us.

What type of yoga styles are taught ?
Can I change my dates after I book?
What is included in my retreat fee?
Can you accomodate dietary restrictions and allergies?
Do you offer refunds after I book?
Will there be WiFi?

We proudly offer high-speed WiFi throughout the yoga shala, cafe, and all rooms at the Punyah Residency. We also have a generator to ensure that there is still power during outages.

See What our Past Retreat Assistants Have to Say!

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“Amazing Retreat”

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Susan Clarke, Los Angeles

“The Best Experience”

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Euismod pellentesque cursus non sed morbi at gravida non.”

Jennifer Gray, Los Angeles

“Wonderful Trip”

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Emma Sparks, Los Angeles

What our students say about their experience!

Pearls of Wisdom!

“You will feel exceptional - like a family member or like an equal team member at Punyah Yoga. Very spiritual and very professional, spreading the pearls of wisdom - the knowledge of authentic yoga!

Ruta Keriene

Highly Recommend for those looking for a serious TTC

"If you are looking for a TTC in classic Ashtanga this should be your choice. The teachers are the best you can find and very inspiring. It is an intense course but so much fun and will make you grow in all aspects of your life. I highly recommend this school for those looking for a serious TTC."

Alicia Smith Iresjö

Inspired Me

"I did a 100-hour TTC, and loved the experience. The teachers have deep knowledge and were generous to share it with me. I really enjoyed the quality of the course, it improved my understanding of yoga and inspired me to go deeper in my practice. I’d be happy to go there again both for the TTC and for asana practice as well!"

Raushan Abylkassymova

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Are you ready to relax, restore, heal during your Punyah Yoga retreat? We are here to guide you and support you on every step of your path.

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