How to know if you are ready for yoga training in Rishikesh? Are you ready for a YTTC?

Hemant Singh

In chapter 1 samadi pada, the first sutra 1.1 of Patanjali says: 

"Atha yoganushasanam"

It is translated as: Now, yoga.


Now, we learn the discipline of yoga.


The sage patanjali is a renowned and celebrated author of the Patanjali yoga sutras.


In the very first sutra, he begins with the word "NOW," which is unusual to comprehend thee literal meaning of it.


The question arises, why such an intellectual sage like Patanjali would use this particular word to commence of a profound text.


When translated by scholars, they understood that he intentionally used the word NOW as an "eligibility" to enter into yoga.


As we live in material world, there are certain qualification or eligibility required for entering in a particular field like university education, sports, government job, marriage, etcetra and without a required qualification getting into those fields or stages of life is not possible. 


Similarly, Patanjali explains the eligibility of being ready to begin the practice of yoga is taking place. 


When you do not feel satisfaction or pleasure within after you try external pleasures, your mind is ready to live a meaningful life with joy and pure awareness. 


When you are truly desiring to be free six enemies of mind i.e, kama (lustful desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), mada (arrogance), moha (delusion), matsarya (jealousy), which distract us hence take us away from attaining our ultimate self then you are ready to live a meaningful life with joy and pure awareness.


Such person is ready and eligible commence the path of yoga or to practice the yoga discipline. For such person the sage Patanjali said, "Now when you have a mind like this, then only yoga will blossom.


A true practice of yoga begins with NOW. How pure and sharp the intellect of sages like Patanjali, that they could explain things in such a pure and simple manner.


In yoga teacher trainings whether your intent is to live in highest well-being or to be a yoga teacher, a real yoga begins when you have characteristics explained above. However, if that you have not experienced this yet in life, yoga will still happen in a beautiful way although such level of surrendering may take time.


A commitment will become easy when you are ready for a yoga training. There will be no hardship or difficulty in getting into discipline, determination, dedication or bringing focus, this all becomes as simple as having a cup of tea. For those who aren't ready yet they may find difficulties arise immediately.


Yoga teacher trainings to learn real yoga with us in Rishikesh consists of instrumental subjects like traditional ashtanga yoga practice, pranayama, philosophy to deepen our understanding, meditation to change our perception, yoga Nidra to uplift our level of awareness, mantra chanting to create energy within and around, ayurveda to become aware of what to put in and leave out. 


To absorb everything fully one must have a characteristics of such person explained by sage Patanjali.


Here we come to an understanding and it gives us a sense of enquiry within that are we really ready to take real yoga or we need to sit relax, be patient and let time pass until we are ready to undertake a yoga teacher training. 


If reading this blog you felt something awaken in you, arise in you, then perhaps you are ready to undertake a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh with us.


If you are wondering: Am I ready to do a yoga teacher training? The answer lies within your heart. You are the only one who can answer this question.


If you are still wondering: Am I ready to do a yoga teacher training? Then sit in silence, in meditation and wait for this answer to blossom inside of the quietness of your mind.


If you still cannot find the answer to the question: Am I ready to do a yoga teacher training? Then continue to sit in stillness— day after day, week after week until you can hear the answer inside of your mind and your heart. Not all answers arise quickly. Not everything in our life is supposed to be fast. Not everything is instantly gratifying. Your truth is already inside of you. Be still. Be patient. Listen.


If you have any questions, comments, or anything else you’d like to speak with us about— our team here at Punyah Yoga is at your service.

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