Why should you choose Punyah Yoga as your yoga teacher training school?

Almudena Laborda

If you’ve landed here on this page, it means that you’re trying to decide which yoga teacher training school is right for you. We know and understand that this is a difficult decision. There are thousands of yoga schools around the world, and hundreds of yoga schools here in Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world. We know that this is a life-changing decision and that the information can feel overwhelming.


If you’d like to find out why you would choose Punyah Yoga over other yoga teacher training schools— you are in the right place. And we couldn’t be happier that you’re here.


Punyah Yoga is located in Rishikesh, India and was founded by devout yoga practitioner Hemant Singh. The school opened in January 2019 with the mission to share the wisdom of yogic practices that Hemant has experienced himself, to minimize the suffering of body and mind which the world faces today and to guide every individual to the deepest self, which only happens when one recognizes their innermost ignorances that they are carrying within them for several years or even generations. 


Once this has been is worked out, and worked through, a person will experience a miracle in their lives and will be able to live in harmony. 

Here at Punyah Yoga the studies of physical practice (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), theoretical teaching (yoga philosophy through Patanjali yoga sutras, the Vedanta, and the Bhagavad Gita), practices of stillness (dhayna and yoga nidra) are purely traditional. 


All of our teachers have devoted themselves to the path of yoga and are experts in their fields. 


What is devoted practitioner? When an action performed purely with heart, mind and soul, it becomes devotional. 

The one who practices becomes a living example of that practice, a devotee or devoted practitioner. 


Our teachers are highly qualified in academics, as well as their indivdiual spiritual practice. Before teaching to the world, they have gone through their own self practices for several years and after having been initiated by their teachers, then they begun teaching.


Our names are Hemant Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Pratap Singh, Chandra Ji, Almudena Ji, Anil Kumar, Swami Atma Ji, Swami Venu Ji. 


And we do not call ourselves yogis, which are enlightened or realized beings, yet we are slowly walking on that path. 


Our team is a team of mature teachers who are mostly married or sanyasi and living grahstha life (family life), which is one of 4 stages of life i.e, brahamcharya, grahstha, vanaprastha, and sannyasa. 

The Grahstha life of an individual is a test of patience, character and responsibility. It is one the most difficult life stages. 


That itself ensures our teachers are mature, responsible, grounded, care deeply, and have enormous patience.


We are not from Rishikesh but we belong to Rishikesh: 


It is a big coincidence that all of our teachers are from different parts of India. During our journey in spiritually, our paths have all crossed in Rishikesh and it is here that we have made our home.


Hemant Singh is a native of Kashipur, a small town in Uttarakhand. He first came to Rishikesh in 2013 and studied under Sivananda. 


Sandeep Kumar was born and brought up in Haryana. He first landed in Rishikesh in 2013 and also studied under Sivananda. 

Pratap Singh is a native of Dehradun, the capital town of Uttarakhand. He first landed in Rishikesh in 2015 as a student for yoga graduation and part time work. 


Chandra Singh is the elder sister of Hemant born and brought up in the same town as Hemant Singh. She first came to Rishikesh in 2015 with her fiancé, who later became her husband, Sandeep, during his time in yoga training. 


Swami Atma Ji is a native of Kochi, Kerala. He has been residing in Rishikesh for 15 years. He is a scholar in Ayurveda and English literature. 


Venu ji is a native of Varkala, Kerala from gods own country to the land of gods, Uttarakhand. He traveled the Himalayas barefoot for 7 years. 


Anil is a native of a small village nearby Rishikesh. He is working to obtain his Master in Yoga and he is the youngest practitioner on our team. 


We are fluent in English language, which is unique compared to other yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh and in India as a whole.


Hemant studied in London, Sandeep worked overseas, Chandra has a masters in English, and Almudena, Swami Atma, and Venu Ji all have exceptional English speaking skills standards due to their academics and exposure to travel. 



What gives us satisfaction:


When a student is committed to working as hard as we do.


When a student is ready for self-transformation and puts in effort.


Our ultimate satisfaction is the growth of our students in spiritual studies.


We invite you to join us at Punyah Yoga. We hope you now have a glimpse into what makes Punyah Yoga special, and why it could be the right teacher training school for your yoga certification.


If you have any questions, we are at your service.

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