The Punyah Yoga Mission Statement

Run by highly qualified and friendly staff in the heart of Rishikesh, India, Punyah Yoga is a well-established yoga school that provides various teacher training programs, retreats and short stays to experience a yogic lifestyle.

Our mission is to create an environment where everyone can have a conductive, safe and relaxing space to fully experience spirituality, explore it, and work towards it by practicing yoga asana.

We believe that knowledge without experience is just information. To absorb the information, one must work hard each day. Only then, yoga starts to happen in one’s life. Similarly, a yoga practitioner is ready when one has practiced well enough, so he/she can pass-on the right knowledge when they go back and start teaching yoga wherever they are.

We have a team of proficient yoga teachers who are serious and dedicated in practicing and teaching yoga. They are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience to anyone that is willing to learn. Our teacher training programs are designed in a way so it not only prepares students to become effective yoga teachers, but to build a deeper connection within themselves.

Our courses are not only for those who want to become yoga teachers: they are open to everyone that are willing to learn. Students may come to discover themselves in Rishikesh (otherwise known as the World’s Yoga Capital), surrounded by the Himalayas and River Maa Ganges. Learning Yoga Nidra, meditation, learning about Pranayama — as well as participating in Karma Yoga by getting hands-on with the school’s organic farm and learning Ayurvedic cooking are some of the things a student can expect during their stay.

Here at Punyah Yoga, we want to make a difference. The school was built out of passion and love for yoga and nature. We are proud of what we managed to achieve and are very excited about sharing our knowledge and experience with anyone who is ready to come and join us in this beautiful journey.

Create Best  Yoga Teachers

 All our teachers and lecturers are not only well-qualified professionals, they are inspiring yoga practitioners with years of individual practice and thousands of hours spent on a mat. A well-known proverb says that ‘knowledge is like water – it has to run to remain fresh and clear’. We believe that theoretical knowledge is just a drop in the vast well of yoga wisdom and the true understanding comes with time and practice. That is why one of the goals of our mission is to share those experiences drawn from personal discoveries, individual explorations and self-observations.

Experience A Yogic Lifestyle

Yoga is a beautiful path that goes far beyond the physical practice. It is a unique way to self-enquiry and self-discovery - a deeply satisfying experience of living in agreement with your true nature. In Punyah Yoga, we want our students to experience Yoga in this very broad and deep sense.

  By exploring and learning the Asana practice hand-in-hand with dedicated teachers, we also emphasize other aspects of yogic life to show the whole picture of this complex practice. Stay with us in the world capital of yoga, at the banks of Ganga River and give yourself a chance to live the real yogic life! You don’t have to plan to become a yoga teacher in the future to experience this joyful and beautiful time of inner peace and exploration of your own potential.

Giving Back To The Nature

 We practice what we preach. Acting in accordance with the principles of Yamas and Niyamas, we set ourselves a mission to promote a sustainable, conscious way of living in harmony with the surrounding environment. Educating our students on healthy choices, promoting veganism, organic farming and environment-friendly solutions, we want to build the awareness of the dangers related to modern, unbalanced lifestyle, processed diet and the traps of consumerism. We believe in giving back to the Nature. Join us and be a part of the change you want to see in the world.