Chandra Adhikari

Ayurveda and Indian Cooking Teacher.

Chandra is our Ayurveda and Indian cooking teacher. Talented in the arts of ancient Indian cooking techniques, Chandra honors the beauty and balance in each of Earth's bountiful ingredient.


Chandra Adhikari

Chandra is our Ayurveda and Indian cooking teacher. The school is very lucky to experience her passion, creativity and talent through her cooking — wholly inspired by the impressive culture and vibrant culinary traditions of the country and the region.

She has a Bachelors’ in education B.Ed (2008) from HNB Garhwal University in Srinagar, and Masters in Economics and Education, both from Kumaun University of Nainital (2011 and 2014, respectively). She worked as a contractual Primary Education Teacher for 6 years, until 2015, when she decided to develop her biggest passion and fascination for cooking.

Native to Northern India, she specialises in the authentic regional Kumauni and Garhwali cuisine, characterised by indigenous products and a host of unusual herbs and warm spices.

She is responsible and very keen on delivering fresh and high quality food to our students. She puts lots of love and energy in her cooking so the food is always filled with positive vibes and tastes delicious.

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Chandra Adhikari

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November 21, 2022

Significance of Sattvic Meal

Punyah Yoga provides two meals a day for our students: brunch and dinner. These two meals are substantial and are part of the yogic diet. We know you might have some qualms or worries about the food here.