Punyah Yoga Teacher Training Code of Conduct

Punyah Yoga Code of Conduct

Statement of Purpose

The teachers, assistants, and all staff affiliated with and involved in Punyah Yoga understand the personal and sensitive nature or the student-teacher relationship. We believe that it is the responsibility of the yoga teacher to maintain a safe environment for each and every student.


In order to protect the student, as well as to possess the highest ethical and professional standards for yoga teachers, Punyah Yoga will uphold the following principles:

  • Punyah Yoga will not tolerate or do any form of discrimination, including but not limited to: race, gender, sexual orientation, religious, or national origin.
  • Punyah Yoga will stay up to date on new developments in the field of yoga through continued education and study.
  • Punyah Yoga will manage our personal lives in a way that aligns with the life of a yogi.
  • Punyah Yoga will establish and maintain appropriate student and teacher relationship boundaries.
  • Punyah Yoga will cultivate an atmosphere of shared humanity and will give back to local and global community.

Professional Relationships

It is the responsibility of Punyah Yoga staff and personnel to maintain relationships with students in a strict professional manner:

  • Punyah Yoga will show sensitive regard for the moral, social, and religious standards of students and groups. Yoga is not a religion. Therefore, Punyah Yoga will avoid imposing any personal belief on others, although we may express them when appropriate in the yoga class.
  • Punyah Yoga will not engage in harassment, abusive words or actions or exploitive coercion of current students or former students.
  • Punyah Yoga will treat all communication with students respectively and delicately, in a manner that respects the confidential nature of certain thoughts and words shared between a student and a teacher.

Punyah Yoga does reserve the right to deny a student acceptance into any class, course, training, or workshop if the staff and personnel do not feel that they would enter the Punyah Yoga shala with the right intention. If any member of Punyah Yoga, whether student, staff member, or teacher, feels uncomfortable or unsafe in the presence of a student, former student, or potential student, Punyah Yoga reserves the right to request, and subsequently enforce, that an individual must leave the premises.