September 20th to October 18th, 2021

Certified 30Hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Programme


  • Ashtanga Vinyasa - 4 Classes Each Week
  • Yoga talk and question & answers every Saturday
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Course Details

  • Date: 20th September to 18th October
  • Time: 7 to 9 am (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), 7 to 8.30 am (Saturday)
  • Language: English with Spanish Translation
  • Certificate: Certified by Yoga Alliance as continued education
  • Online Platform: Zoom for Online Classes
  • Requirements: For All Levels
  • Included: Manual, Ashtanga Yoga Chart, Recordings of Classes, 2 Videos of meditation, 1 Video of Yoga Nidra & Video of Yin Yoga
  • Price: 245 Euros/ Early Bird 195 Euros till 15th September

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Ashtanga vinyasa is a method of yogic exercise which synchronizes breath with each movement. Each movement follows a gaze “Drishti” which helps you keep the focus in your practice. Students follow a sequence with the help of a teacher. By introducing ashtanga practice in your daily life one can achieve healthy body, healthy mind and happy soul. By regular ashtanga vinyasa practice one can rid himself/herself from lust, anger, attachment, greed, jealousy and pride. After burning these poisons, one has the ability to see the divine.

Benefits :

Ashtanga yoga cleanses your blood by generating heat in your body. When the body is heated sweat is produced, the blood circulates faster through veins, arteries, vessels and reaches all body organs from head to toe, which results in removing the impurities through sweat.

  • It cleanses our nervous system by various ashtanga backbending postures.
  • It cleanses the lympathic system which is the most vital system to clean the endocrine glands.
  • Ashtanga yoga strengthens the spinal cord as each movement during the practice works on it.
  • Ashtanga yoga balances our sun and moon energy. Hence, it balances our mood swings, anger, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc.
  • Ashtanga yoga brings balance and harmony in our daily routine. It is a beautiful practice to understand the life if someone is serious, determined and persistent.

What this course offers you:

Class will begin with opening prayer, guided relaxation and basic pranayama exercises. Students will be guided about bhandas, dhristis and breath. Students will be taught primary serie with detail and important instructions by Hemant Singh. Class will end with general relaxation and closing prayer.

Monday - 7 to 9 am
Tuesday - 7 to 9 am
Wednesday off
Thursday - 7 to 9 am
Friday - 7 to 9 am

(Subjects to cover)

history & principles of ashtanga, asana, drishti, bandhas, ujjayi breathing,
alignment, deep relaxation

On Saturdays from 7 to 8.30 am Yoga talk and questions and answers. Hemant Singh will explain yoga from his personal perspective, yoga culture in India and how to live yogic life. He will also answer all your doubts about the

Conoce a tu instructor

Conozca a nuestro instructor y guía de yoga certificado.

Hemant Singh

Hemant Singh

Punyah Yoga Founder. Ashtanga y Alineacion

Fundador de Punyah Yoga. Profesor de Ashtanga Yoga y Asana con casi 10 años de experiencia. Hemant cree firmemente que uno tiene que estar realmente apasionado en aprender Yoga para cosechar y experimentar los beneficios del camino del Yoga.

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Yoga Instructor, Co-Founder (E-RYT200) PRANAYAMA

Profesora de Hatha Yoga y Pranayama con más de 10 años de experiencia. Sandeep sostiene que el arte de respirar es el arte de la vida. Se esfuerza por enseñar a los estudiantes a honrar esta conexión en todas las formas de ser.

Swami Atmananda

Swami Atmananda


Swami Atma Jnanananda Giri, doctor en homeopatía, estudió las técnicas de meditación en los Himalayas con el gran maestro Swami Veda Bharati, completó su formación en yoga y realizó un curso vedanta en el ashram Sivananda.

Pratap Rawat

Pratap Rawat


Practicante de yoga experimentado y dedicado durante muchos años en Rishikesh. Las clases de Pratap son enérgicas e informativas, orientadas a ayudar a los principiantes a construir una base sólida de yoga.

Almudena Laborda

Almudena Laborda


Almudena, instructora de yoga y amante de los viajes. Una eterna estudiante de la filosofía del yoga formada en la India, donde pasa gran parte del tiempo, con una gran inquietud en explorar distintas culturas a nivel físico, mental, emocional y espiritual.

Ángela Jimenez

Ángela Jimenez

Profesora de Yin Yoga

Directora del estudio de yoga SImplementese en Murcia. Realiza talleres y retiros por España de yoga, mindfluness y bienestar. Especializada en mindfulness, la presencia es su medio y su fin.

Paula Ramos

Paula Ramos

Profesora de Anatomía

Profesora de Yoga en Murcia en el estudio Simplementesé.Docente y amante de transmitir todo lo que la vida le ha ido enseñando. A través del yoga ha ido descubriendo su filosofía de vida y su amor por el conocimiento del cuerpo humano a nivel energético y biomecánico.

30 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Inmersion Curriculum

History & Principles of Ashtanga

Yoga asana classes, in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa are held daily. We create a comfortable space to encourage growth and expansion for practitioners of all levels.

Vinyasa & Bhandas

Align your body, mind, and spirit through the powerful practice of Pranayama. Learn ancient techniques that will help you tap into the source of your very being.


The history of yoga and all the philosophies that surround yoga are integral to our teachings.

Breathing & Alignment

Meditation and yoga nidra classes will help you be guided to a state of deepened awarness, of conscious connection, of pure bliss.

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“Amazing Retreat”

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Susan Clarke, Los Angeles

“The Best Experience”

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Emma Sparks, Los Angeles

Lo que nuestros alumnos dicen acerca de su experiencia!

Muy enriquecedor!

"Soy Johana, y quiere agredecer a Almudena y Hemant por brindarme la oportunidad de estar en este curso. Ha sido un curso intensivo y lleno de todo, me voy muy contenta, muy satisfecha y lo recomiendo al 100%. No dudeis si quereis veniros a India y hacerlo con Punyah Yoga! No os lo penseis dos veces!”

Johana Cardenas

Es un regalo para ti, para tu alma y tus sentidos!

"Mi nombre es Beatriz, estoy super contenta, me ha gustado mucho la experiencia. Los profesores me han encatado, han compartido su sabiduria. Es un. viaje hacia tu interior, muy transformador. Os lo recomiendo 100%"

Beatriz Casas

Forever Grateful

"Punyah Yoga is an authentic source of knowledge in the heart of Rishikesh. It felt like I was breathing yoga. Hemant Ji makes the practice inspiring and challenging in the perfect way for you personally. I’m forever grateful for this experience"

Malva Akermo

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