About Us

We Believe Yoga is for every body.

We have prepared and carefully structured our yoga teacher training school and all of our courses to be optimal and conducive for whole-hearted immersive learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an environment where everyone can have a conductive, safe and relaxing space to fully experience spirituality, explore it, and work towards it by practicing yoga asana.

We have a team of proficient yoga teachers who are serious and dedicated in practicing and teaching yoga. They are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience to anyone that is willing to learn. Our teacher training programs are designed in a way so it not only prepares students to become effective yoga teachers, but to build a deeper connection within themselves.

Our courses are not only for those who want to become yoga teachers: they are open to everyone that are willing to learn. Students may come to discover themselves in Rishikesh (otherwise known as the World’s Yoga Capital), surrounded by the Himalayas and River Maa Ganges. Learning Yoga Nidra, meditation, learning about Pranayama — as well as participating in Karma Yoga by getting hands-on with the school’s organic farm and learning Ayurvedic cooking are some of the things a student can expect during their stay.


When studying with Punyah Yoga, you will be served meals made from naturally processed, non-GMO products — free from preservatives and prepared with utmost care and love. Chandra, our amazing chef, will be taking care of your health and taste buds. She has a deep understanding and experience in cooking according to rules of Ayurveda, so you are in excellent hands!

Although we strongly encourage you to try following the vegan way, we provide both vegan and vegetarian meals.

We will provide healthy and nutritious meals, fresh fruit, coconut water, daily snacks and herbal teas that will keep you in good shape and ready to face all the challenges of the training!


Built in 2020, the Punyah Residency is a boutique hotel that takes great care in meeting the highest standards of hospitality. Guests are presented with high-end services, first-class facilities, and luxurious amenities, including a spectacular top-floor yoga shala, a vast rooftop garden terrace, and a gourmet restaurant.

Staying and studying with Punyah Yoga is already a unique experience due to its locatio, set in close proximity to nature, being near the magnificent Himalayan Mountains and close to the banks of Holy Ganga (or otherwise known as the Ganges).

Located in a tranquil surrounding, yet still in the heart of Rishikesh (lively Tapovan), our neat and clean rooms offer a perfect base for good-night sleep and regeneration after an eventful day of practice and learning. The rooms are equipped with all necessary modern facilities: en-suites with hot water 24/7, spacious balconies from which you can marvel at the stunning view of the river and the mountains, and a reliable fast internet connection. The accommodation is on a single or sharing basis — according to preference — and within the walking distance from the school venues.

The cost of accommodation at the Punyah Residency, for the whole time of the training, is included in the course fee. Please let us know if you would like to come earlier or stay longer — we are happy to help you with all the arrangements.

The Values That Guide Us

Best-in-Class Yoga Teacher Training Courses that come from the heart and seek to align you with your soul.

Inclusive & Empowering

All students, of all ages, abilities, and walks of life are welcome at Punyah Yoga. Everyone is welcome. And we mean everyone!

Lasting Impact

While you may only be studying with us in India for few weeks, you will always be a part of the Punyah Yoga Family. Our courses and trainings leave a mark that will last for years to come.

Ongoing Improvement

Here at Punyah Yoga, we always are striving to improve our services, teacher trainings, and courses. That is a big reason why we built a tranquil oasis for you in the heart of Rishikesh in 2020 and why we offer TTCs online in 2021!

Our Goal

At Punyah Yoga, we want to make a difference. The school was built out of passion and love for yoga. We are proud of what we managed to achieve and are very excited about sharing our knowledge and experience with anyone who is ready to come and join us in this beautiful journey.

Create The Best Yoga Teachers

All our teachers and lecturers are well-qualified professionals, they are inspiring yoga practitioners with years of individual practice and thousands of hours spent on a mat.  We believe that true understanding comes with time and practice. That is why one of the goals of our mission is to share those experiences drawn from personal discoveries, individual explorations and self-observations.

Experience A Yogic Lifestyle

We want our students to experience yoga in the truest and deepest way possible. Stay with us in the yoga capital of the world— Rishikesh, at the banks of Ganges River and give yourself a chance to live the real yogic life. Experience this joyful and beautiful time of inner peace and exploration of your own potential.

Giving Back To The Nature

Acting in accordance with the principles of Yamas and Niyamas, we set ourselves a mission to promote a sustainable, conscious way of living in harmony with the surrounding environment. We educate our students on healthy choices, promote veganism, organic farming and environment-friendly solutions.

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